Western Hudson Valley Professional Horseman's Association
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    President: Jody Moraski
    Vice President: Debbie Norris
    Treasurer: Denise Dahms
    Recording Secretary: Vanessa Karlewicz
    Corresponding Secretary: Mary Peres
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    Finance Committee:
        Denise Dahms - Chair 
        Vanessa Karlewicz
        Mary Peres
    Contact: ddahms@frontiernet.net

    Horse Show Committee:
        Annette Mohr - Chair
        Sue Clark
        Danielle Moraski
        Debbie Norris
    Contact: poppy4@frontiernet.net

    Ethics Committee:
        Diane Hatt - Chair
        Denise Dahms
        John Annello
    Contact: dhatt1@optonline.net

    Website/Social Media Committee:
        Barbara Whyte - Chair
        Danielle Moraski
    Contact: sundal76@optonline.net
    Endowment Committee:
        Brad Whitmire - Chair
        John Annello
        Susie Bagnato
        Bonny Lass
    Contact: slyfoxfarm1@yahoo.com
Caroline Hart & First Monday
2014 WHVPHA Finals

    Banquet Committee:
        Terry Karlewicz - Chair
        Mary Peres
        Emma Paulsen
        Deann Pratt
        Gary Clark
    Contact: nails7@aol.com

    Junior Committee:
        Deanna Pratt - Chair
        Emma Paulsen
        Danielle Moraski
    Contact: deannapratt29@gmail.com

    Finals Horse Show Committee:
       Vanessa Karlewicz - Chair
        Nicole Peres
        Susan Clark
        Gary Clark
    Contact: milady08@aol.cim